Vintage radio programs

We create contents for your radio-station, specially music ripped directly from vinyl. Combinate analog taste with innovation. It´s possible to do it in spanish and english.

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Create a dream

We design your logo, art cover or your web page. Easy, cheap and quick.

Apps for Elearning

We design courses for elearning and convert them to apps for Android. We put the contents in our servers, so the installation in the dispositive is really soft. Finally, the user must be connected to Internet (3G, 4G or, better, wi-fi) to see navigation.

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[twocolumns] Welcome to Padisc. Here, You´ll find many items for innovation and pleasure. We´ve got two online shops. In main shop, there´re online courses, classical books, ebooks, apps and navigations (Scorms, CD´s… etc) for education.   In our vintage shop, it´s possible to get many rare vinyls from the golden decades of Rock and R&B,… Seguir leyendo Welcome!!